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Q: For what purpose should I convert MP3 into OGG file format?

A: OGG is comparatively new file format which was developed only in 1994 for storing audio files and playing them with better quality of sound. If you convert your MP3 files into OGG file format you will save much place on your computer without sacrificing the qualitative features of the original files. Besides, this file format allows you to extract audio passages from the video files, like, for example interview podcasts.

Q: What is the easiest way to convert MP3 into OGG file format?

A: Obviously, the easiest and the fastest way to convert between file formats is to use MP3 to OGG Converter. This software makes the process highly automotive and you do not need to demonstrate any great computer skills to operate this audio converter. The interface will be easy-to-use for you even if it is the first time you work with computer software. You choose the files, choose the directory where you will send them, click the mouse and relax while the conversion takes place almost on its own.

Q: Is it possible to convert several files at once with the help of MP3 to OGG Converter?

A: MP3 to OGG Converter possesses a very useful function of batch conversion. It means that you can choose any number of files you want to convert and change their format to OGG within one session. Your whole MP3 music collection can be converted practically in a blink. Meanwhile, you can occupy yourself with some other business as your presence during the process is not required.

Q: How much money will be reasonable to spend on MP3 to OGG Converter?

A: The reasonable sum you should spend on this converting program is zero. This program is provided for free and everybody can use it for their own purposes. There is no need to choose a paid version as it does not differ from the free one.

Q: Is it hard to get started?

A: No, it is not hard at all. Open the containing folder, choose and click the installing file. While installation is run you need to follow very simple instruction. After the installation is over you can launch the program and finally convert from one format to another. It doesn't take much time.

Q: How long does it take to convert from 3GP to AVI?

A: Actually it doesn't take you much. You would hardly notice how quickly everything will be done.

Q: Is it possible that 3GP to AVI Converter would harm the operation system of my computer?

A: It is absolutely impossible as the program doesn't contain bugs or viruses. There is no need to worry all about it.

Q: If I do not have a credit card then how should I pay for purchasing the program? Any alternative?

A: Well, actually you do not need to pay for it as the program is free. Just click “Download” and you will get it for 100% free.

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